Apulian Taralli and Pasticciotti
from Lecce


Our offer is enriched by delicious salted snacks and desserts including:
the Apulian tarallini, a typical snack of Southern Italy whose basic dough is made up of flour, oil and salt.
The recipes are varied and come in a variety of flavouring: simple, with fennel, crumbly with onion, rosemary and much more.

And also the pasticciotto, exported from the Lecce tradition, is a really delicious pastry with an incomparable taste, filled with custard.

L'Uliveto Shop - Taralli pugliesi

Apulian Taralli

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dry White Wine, Fine Salt, Black Pepper, 00-Type Flour
3,50 €
L'Uliveto Shop - Pasticciotto leccese

Pasticciotti from Lecce

00-Type Flour, Lard, Sugar, Eggs, Cream, Milk, Lemon
2,50 €